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Interested in learning to fly? Get your wings under the guidance of our trained and experienced instructors! We welcome students from across Canada and around the world alike. Whether you’re looking to earn a commercial license or are pursuing your passion, we’re ready to help get you off the ground.

Our Classes


College-recognized Private and Commercial Flight Training is offered by International Pilot Academy in partnership with Cégep Heritage College. This training program meets Transport Canada requirements and gives students an opportunity to access training in a post-secondary college institution.

Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Ratings let you conduct flight training for prospective pilots under a Class I or II instructor’s supervision, valuable for professional-minded pilots.

Commercial License

Commercial License

Have you dreamt of a career as a commercial pilot? Earning your Commercial License lets you make a living doing what you love. Learn more and get started today.



Develop your skills and comfort behind the controls with aerobatics training. Aerobatics manoeuvres help you build familiarity with your aircraft while putting on a spectacular show.

Ground School

Ground School

Master the theoretical side of flying with classroom-based instruction. Our instructors help you prepare for your written examination, getting you closer to your full pilot’s license.

Instrument Flight Rules

Instrument Flight Rules

When weather and conditions limit visibility, flying with Instrument Flight Rules ensures you’re prepared for navigation with even the thickest cloud cover.


Multi-Engine Rating

Expand and develop your skills flying multi-engine aircraft, perfect for transport or charter flying. This is a vital step on the path to becoming a fully licensed airline pilot.


Night Rating

Learn how to expertly fly and navigate in the dark, including how to handle night flight emergencies, and expand your skillset and conditions under which you can fly.

Private License

Private License

Earn your private pilot’s license and learn to fly with expert instruction from the team at International Pilot Academy, and make your dreams come true.

Ground School

Recreational License

Indulge your passion for flight and learn to fly any four-place airplane within Canada. This is a perfect stepping stone to your private license and much more.

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