Flight Instructor Rating

Build Your Career While Helping Others Earn Their Wings

You’ve earned your Commercial Pilot License and are looking for ways to start earning a living with your skills. Teaching others at an aviation school isn’t just a fantastic way to earn a living. It also helps you develop and refine your own skills and knowledge. A Flight Instructor rating is also a tremendous asset you can bring to future jobs and careers in aviation. Earning your Flight Instructor Rating is the first step towards teaching others lifelong piloting skills.

Requirements & Outcomes

Applicants for the International Pilot Academy Flight Instructor Rating program must hold a valid Commercial Pilot License or Air Transport Pilot License before starting.

A Class 4 Instructor Rating allows pilots to conduct flight training to issue license permits. With your Class 4 rating, you must teach under the supervision of an instructor who holds a Class I or II rating.

To earn your
Instructor Rating, you must:

  • Log a minimum of 30 hours of dual training with a Class I instructor, including:
    • A minimum of 5 hours of training in the teaching of instrument flight skills; and
    • A maximum of 5 of these 30 hours may be conducted on a flight simulator
  • Attend a minimum of 25 hours of Instructor Rating ground school; and
  • Pass a Transport Canada Flight Test and Written Examination.

Career Opportunities

Earning your Flight Instructor Rating is an amazing way to develop your skills, abilities, and confidence as a pilot. Many leading airlines look for instructor ratings amongst potential pilots, as it allows them to advance easily into training positions within the company. Beyond the career opportunities, you’re also playing a tremendous role in ensuring safe, well-trained, and responsible pilots join the flying community.