International Pilot Academy
Introduces the Symphony 160

Take Your Training to New Heights with This Prestigious Aircraft

As the only commercial operator in the country to offer this aircraft, we are proud to provide elite training to ambitious and driven students.

The Symphony 160 is equipped with dual Garmin GNS 430/420 and autopilot making it the perfect airplane for single engine IFR training.

Whether you’re interested in obtaining your IFR rating, or looking to fly an exclusive plane that’s well equipped, the Symphony 160 is for you!

Soar to Greater Heights

Technical Specifications

  • VNE 162kts (max speed)
  • VS0 57kts (stall speed)
  • Cruise 128kts
  • Takeoff Weight 2,150lbs
  • Useful Load 750lbs
  • Fuel Capacity 30g

  • Landing (over 50′ obstacle) 1,837 ft
  • Takeoff (over 50′ obstacle) 1,214 ft
  • Fixed Pitch MT Propeller, Composite
  • Powerplant – Lycoming O-320 D2A 160hp

Meet The Symphony


The SA-160 was designed to take-off and land from unprepared airstrips and short runways even in harsh environments adhering to visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR) standards. It utilises a GAW-2 airfoil design to accomplish low stall speeds and high durability.


The SA-160 features two vortex generators, robust steel tube fuselage, non-structural L-285 fibreglass shell, rectangular shaped aluminium wings, large elevator and rudder surfaces and a horizontal stabiliser.

The aircraft’s baggage compartment has a capacity of 165lbs.  The blister windows are attached to the detachable cockpit doors (perfect for summer flying) on either side of the aircraft to provide clear visibility.