Aerobatics Training

Master Advanced Manoeuvres
with Aerobatics Training

Aerobatics are some of the most stunning aerial manoeuvres, full of loops, rolls, spins, and dramatic turns. Whether you’re looking to participate in competition aerobatics, participate in an air show, or simply want to expand and build on your skills as a pilot, International Pilot Academy is here to help you. Our experienced instructors are ready to help you master these exciting skills, ensuring you’ve got the knowledge necessary to succeed.

What Are

When you break down each manoeuvre, aerobatics consist of five basic movements: loops, rolls, spins, lines, and hammerheads. The combination of these movements creates visually stunning flight paths for your aircraft. Some manoeuvres are more challenging than others, but all rely on your skill and ability as a pilot in order to be executed safely.

Get Started with Expert Instruction

Thanks to the expertise of our Aerobatics Instructor, Jules Selwan, we’re able to offer unmatched instruction and insight to our aerobatics students. Jules’ experience and passion for aerobatics have earned him a reputation as a highly-regarded instructor and expert.

Course Requirements

  • Must hold a Student Pilot Permit or higher certification and rating
  • Students must complete a minimum of 4 hours of ground briefing
  • Must complete a minimum of 10 hours of aerobatic dual instruction