Multi-Crew Cooperation


Jet Orientation Training

Full Flight Simulators

Level D

MCC is additional training required to fly within a crew, that means in a multi-pilot aircraft with the aircrew consisting of at least two members. It is a requirement for pilots applying for a multi-pilot type rating. The MCC course’s purpose is to train pilots working as part of a multi-member flight crew. It teaches about communication and coordination.

Jet Orientation Training is a steppingstone for students with no jet handling experience and preparation for an airline assessment. The aim of the course is to make you familiar with jet handling and prepared for the future Airline pilot position. For many airlines, the completion of Jet Orientation Training is a mandatory prerequisite to the pilot selection process.

A Level D simulator simulates all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to training. This includes accurate force feedback for the pilot’s flight controls systems and operation of systems such as avionics, communications, and instrument displays. A Level D also provides motion feedback to the crew through a motion platform upon which the simulator cabin is mounted. The motion platform produces accelerations in all the six degrees of freedom.

Program Overview

International Pilot Academy is offering a world class training program covering Multi-Crew Cooperation training which will be hosted at CAE Montreal Training Center.

This course will include a Jet Orientation Course as well as 20hours on CAE’s full flight simulators. Our training program will use sophisticated flight simulators, flight training devices, and computer-aided training systems for both classroom and individual learning environments.

Currently, this program is offered as a part of IPA’s iATPL program to allow students to transition smoothly into the airlines. The world class training will allow students to experience what the Airline pilots are experiencing and give them a leg up on the competition.

The program will be offered on a wide range of available simulators all approved by Transport Canada. CAE offers Boeing and Airbus simulator platforms to the highest Transport Canada standards.

About CAE

CAE Montreal Training Center is conveniently located near Pierre Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and downtown Montreal. CAE delivers the highest-quality training and unparalleled customer service to our students. Their 90,000-sq-ft facility includes, classrooms, briefing rooms, full flight simulators and fixed training devices.

About IPA

International Pilot Academy has established a leading reputation as one of the best pilot training schools in Canada. We are a one-stop shop for student and rental pilot needs and offer professional flight instruction programs, included an integrated ATPL course, for prospective commercial pilots from the region and abroad. In addition to our comprehensive training and education programs, we also offer expert aviation consulting services and aircraft rentals for individual use and flight training purposes.

Program Breakdown

The complete MCC course will be hosted at CAE Montreal’s Training Center. It will first consist of Jet Orientation seminars and computer based training (CBT). This will help students transition to the procedures used in the airlines and prepare them for the full flight simulator training.

Following the seminars, students will move onto the 737-800NG simulator and begin 20 hours of full flight simulator training. The 20 hours is broken down into five 4-hour session. Each simulator session will also include a 1.5-hour pre-flight briefing and a 0.5-hour post-flight debriefing.

After successful completion of the course, students will be graduated with a Transport Canada accredited MCC training certificate.