Multi-Engine Rating and Training

Training for Transport and Charter Flying

Sometimes, it takes two to get the job done. When it comes to multi-engine aircraft, pilots must master a new set of skills for the added dimension a second engine creates. Multi-engine ratings are a vital step on the path to becoming an airline pilot or working as a charter and transport pilot. At the International Pilot Academy, we’re here to help prospective pilots master their skills with expert instruction and training.

Skills and Training

Pilots will develop their existing skills, adding advanced avionics knowledge, TCAS training, de-icing equipment operation, and in-flight emergency training to their knowledge base. These new subjects will challenge you and help you grow in confidence and competency. Upon successful completion of the program, pilots will have the privilege of flying any aircraft with two or more engines.

Program Requirements

Candidates must hold a Private or Commercial license to qualify for this course. The total time needed to earn your Multi-Engine rating depends on your existing flight experience. On average, pilots can expect to spend anywhere from 8 to 15 hours on this rating.