Night Rating

A night rating allows you to fly at night! The air is generally calm and the view is fantastic! The night rating increases your flexibility, letting you continue your flight after dark, so you need not be grounded when the sun goes down. The night rating allows a pilot to fly in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) and navigate in visual reference to the ground (VFR), at night. This is different from instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) where the pilot flies and maintains situational awareness strictly by using instruments and avionics.


  • Fly VFR at night time


  • Hold a PPL(A)
      10 hours of flight time including a minimum of:

    • 5 hours dual time, including 2 hours of cross-country flight time
    • 5 hours solo time, including 10 takeoffs and landings


  • 10 hours instrument flight time

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