Commercial Pilot Program

The applicant for the Commercial Pilot Licence must hold a Private Pilot Licence, and must be 18 years of age and have a Category I Medical before completion. To complete this program you must have a minimum of 200 hours of flight time, of which 100 hours must be as pilot-in-command, and 20 hours which must be cross-country.

65 Hours Total Time Required:
DUAL-35 hours minimum
5 hours dual night flying (2 hours dual night cross-country)
5 hours dual cross country flying (includes the dual night time)
20 hours instrument time (a maximum of 10 hours can be completed on the flight simulator)
SOLO-30 hours minimum

25 hours solo practice including a cross country flight of at least 300 NM in distance from the point of departure with 3 stops
5 hours of cross-country flying
5 hours of night flying (including 2 hours of night cross-country)

Ground School
A minimum of 80 hours of ground school is required.
A Transport Canada Flight Test and Written Examination are required.


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